Just an average guy with a serious passion for design.  Born & raised in Orlando, FL.  I started riding skateboards when I was six years old and never grew out of it.  I always was more of the skater behind the lens, taking photos & shooting videos of my friends.  It was my thing to take initiative on creating a name for the crew and trying to create a cool logo that everyone will be hyped on. At that point in time I knew I really wanted to be a graphic designer.  I was always messing with Adobe programs but then it was time to get on more of a serious professional level so I went to Valencia College to get a degree and ended up learning so much more about the ins and outs of design.  I can thank my professors for the unique creative mind I have now.  When I'm not backed up on work, I have plenty of hobbies to choose from. Some favorites would be experimenting in the darkroom, going on hikes, shooting photos, collecting & repairing old cameras, skateboarding. A great way to see my hobbies all happening simultaneously is to check out my Flickr page, a link is in the header.

What I do:
Make ideas come to life. I take special care in getting into the mind of the client for the best possible outcome. I consider print design to be more of my expertise.  I really enjoy creating logos, collateral, posters & publications. I also really believe in being a well rounded designer so I never steer away from interactive & web design. The internet and computers are the future and I am excited to be apart of it! I've also taken a lot of time getting more involved with the design community. I have taken a role as Social Media Chair for AIGA Portland. 

My Experience:
It all began when I decided I wanted to start working in my field during college, so I left the restaurant business. My first job was in a small screen printing shop, starting from the bottom, reclaiming screens & ink. Shortly after, I showed initiative to grow and learn more. Eventually I was running jobs start to finish in production. I decided I wanted to work for a bigger company and be behind a computer. I began as a production designer, creating mock ups, doing simple color separations and other leg work.  Eventually I took on a lot more responsibilities from the production art director.  Doing up to 10 color simulated process separations, choosing Pantones, screen order & working closely with the printer to ensure print perfection. Once I graduated, I decided to move up to Portland for more experience as a creative designer and have been working freelance for clients such as Nike, Adidas, Thrasher Magazine, Oregon Screen Impressions, HERENOW Creative & plenty more. 

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